Hey everyone. I got some time to do the latest update to the board software, but it meant that all the old modifications and styles wouldn't work anymore. So, here you have the newest iteration of LabourTalk. Please let me know by Private Message if you run into any issues with the new styling. Some new features on the board are:

  • Latest HTML5 Responsive Styling - You can now see a new, more modern styling on the board. Along with this, you can resize the browser to see the board change with it. The board is now functional on all sizes of screens, including your cell phone, table and desktop/laptop.
  • Post Sharing - Although you could previously, the new layout means the sharing icons are more visible on the lower right hand corner of each post. Click your favourite social media outlet to share the desired post with them.
  • Multiple Themes - Previously there was only one theme in an attempt to lower the workload when modifications were put in place. Fortunately, the new modification system is much simpler to implement and we now have multiple colour options for you to enjoy. You can change these from your User Control Panel under the Board Settings heading.
  • Announcements - Announcements can now be posted here (where you're seeing this one) and, in most cases, can be dismissed. To dismiss them, please click the "X" in the top right corner of this box.
  • Collapsing Categories - Categories, such as News & Announcements or Welcome (below), can be collapsed to clear up some of the clutter. This state should be maintained as long as you're logged in.

We hope you like the changes!

Bullying is not the Problem!

No management is able to see this room. If you are management and you can see this please ask to be removed. A PRIVATE ROOM.
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Bullying is not the Problem!

Postby Stuartgg » Tue Oct 25, 2005 7:51 pm

To everyone,

It's important to stress that, Bullying is not the Problem.

It's the, combining the fact that I/we, cannot respond, without expecting my/our, response to "Deleted"!

I believe in civility, however Debate is nothing if it is "Sterilized", for the sake of the VFC Troublemakers.

I am not thin skinned, I "cannot be" or "expect to be", censored!

And, still think freely!


Stuart G Gilbertson

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Postby Admin1 » Tue Oct 25, 2005 9:44 pm

Here is what happens,
We piss someone off in VFC. Then who ever gets pissed off goes on to VFC and posts Look at what the people on Labourtalk.ca are doing. They post the site address and then the VFC people come over to this site sign on, send hate mail, threaten the modarators. When the VFCers come here though they also bring alot of people with them. People who can read on there site but can't post. This last round brought Wensday who is not crossing but is on the yes side. Then NC, John and I attempt to piss of the VFCers so that they will either go away, or they get banned thus leaving us the good members who can't post on VFC. The trick to the game is to not break the rules yourself as you are doing this. One rule is no flamming. Don't make it look like your picking on anyone.

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