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Fall of 2016

Posted: Tue Sep 20, 2016 9:05 am
by NC
I have been very busy and not keeping things up to date out here. My apologies to three or four new users that tried to join in August and September, I missed them completely. They were in the pile of about 35 spam accounts.

I am still out here, just very busy for the last long while. I am not promising a lot more interaction because I am still working pretty hard at just, well, working. I know John Doe has been virtually tied to the ground with his work but I have a great love for this old board so will do my best to blow the dust off of it and help out some folks.

Take Back Your Union ( has asked if a thread can be started for a Government employee group in Ontario so hopefully we can assist them. We will hear their story as time progresses but it sound very interesting.

I hope you are doing great, I am.